Welcome Crafters!

Avenue Yarns is here to inspire, educate and support you and your fiber crafts. Join us for a class, some social time, or to shop our carefully selected yarns, fibers, tools and other treasures.

Creativity in Community

Avenue Yarns is a celebration of creativity and crafting with fiber. Offering a rich selection of yarns, fiber, classes, books and crafting tools of all kinds the shop invites and supports knitters, crocheters, spinners, weavers, and felters of all skill levels. Special guests join us to educate and inspire. And lots of get-togethers keep us connected.

Store Hours We are closed on the following holidays:
M-W: 10AM to 6PM New Year’s Day
Thurs: 10AM to 8PM Mother’s Day
Fri-Sa: 10AM to 6PM Easter
Sun: 11AM to 5PM Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Christmas Eve
Christmas Day

New Class to Warm You and Yours

Learn Log Cabin Knitting with Jody

“Log cabin” patterns come to us from early quilting days. Log cabin quilts feature blocks made of strips of fabric, typically encircling a small centered square. Translated to knitting they are easy, fun, and offer lots of opportunities for creativity. In fact, once you learn the log cabin technique for knitting blankets, you may never again need a blanket pattern! In the first session of this class you will learn the basic techniques. The second session will cover variations and design ideas.

Upcoming Classes

We’ve scheduled, and are posting a slew of new classes. To get you ready for your holiday gift knitting, there are classes to help you in sweater creation: Successful Yarn Substitutions, Altering Patterns for Size, Gauge, or StyleSeaming and Finishing, and even Sweater Workshop. We have also branched out a bit, and are offering classes in Brioche Stitch and Tunisian Crochet. Join us, expand your crafting horizons, and have some fun!

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