Brioche Patterned Cowl (Advanced)

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If you are an experienced knitter, able to "read" your stitches and follow knitting instructions, you can start your brioche learning here! In addition to learning the basic, two-color brioche stitch, you will learn to add beautiful patterns to your brioche work with increases and decreases. Pattern is included with the class! Please complete the homework outlined below before the class.

Materials needed:

Yarn -

  • Two different colors of worsted-weight yarn. Approximately 85 yards of your MC and 75 yards of your CC.
  • Tosh Vintage yarn is recommended.
  • Alpaca and alpaca blends are discouraged.
  • Choose two very constrasting colors. 

Needles -

  • US #5 16" long circular needle


  • 1 ring marker
  • 9 locking stitch markers or safety pins


  1. With MC, and US #5 needle, CO 135 sts.
  2. Place marker and join for working in the round being careful not to twist sts.
  3. *(P2, K1); repeat from * to beginning of round.
  4. Work 2 more rounds of ribbing as established (3 rounds total).
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