Learn the Brioche Stitch

Learn the Brioche Stitch

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Create lofty, textured fabric using Brioche Stitch, which resembles ribbing but with much more depth and many  more possibilities. We'll knit a swatch (which can be the start of a scarf) in basic, one-color Brioche Stitch. Then we'll start a cowl in two-color Brioche Stitch creating a richly textured and reversible fabric. With Kira.

Materials to bring to class: ** Note homework shown below! **

  • 30 (300) yards of a smooth worsted or aran weight yarn for swatch (scarf)
  • 100 yards each of 2 contrasting colors of a smooth worsted or aran weight for a cowl.
  • 16" circular knitting needles AND another set of straight or circular needles in Us sizes 6-9 (1-2) sizes smaller than that recommended for your yarn)
  • stitch marker

Prerequisites: You should be comfortable casting on, working in the round, knitting, and purling.

Homework: loosely cast on 70 stitches on 16" circular needles, join into the round, and work four rounds garter stitch: [purl 1 round, knit 1 round] twice.