Knit/Crochet Lab

  • $ 15.00

Only 4 left!

This is a 2 hour help session for knitting or crochet with a skilled and very qualified teacher. Lab attendees get help with whatever project or pattern they are working on. It is also a lovely social community, a perfect place to meet new crafting friends and catch up with friends you haven't seen.
Guidelines for Lab:
We request that you be fully vaccinated and wear a mask that covers your mouth and nose. Please wait 10 days after travelling to attend lab. Do not come to lab if you feel sick, have any symptoms or have been in contact with a person who is ill.
You must reserve your place ahead of time, either online, by phone (510-526-9276), or by email ( The price is a flat rate of $15 per Knit/Crochet Lab, to be paid when you sign up. If you have a card that you have not used up, we will honor it (meaning, if you still have 3 spots on your card, you can come to 3 sessions without having to pay any additional fee -- note that you will still have to sign up in advance, and when you sign up you will be charged $15, but that it will be refunded in person at the store on the day of the Lab).
Minimum of 4 students, maximum of 8 students. Walk ins available if the places are not all taken.
If we do not have 4 students by 4 pm the day before the lab, the lab will be cancelled. Everyone's time is valuable, so please let us know if you cannot make it by 4 pm the day before the lab. We will only be able to refund the reservation fee if you let us know by this time.
The store will be open for lab attendees from 9:45 am on Wednesday and Friday.
Faina Goberstein teaches on Wednesday.
Karen Frisa teaches on Friday.