Knitting in the round 1/2

Knitting in the round 1/2

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In a series of two classes, we explore different method of knitting in the round. If you've never knit in the round, this class will not only show you how, but will show you all the different ways you can do it! If you already know one way to knit in the round, we will show you more!

Material: Smooth worsted or DK weight yarn; preferably light-colored; two circular needles of the same size but different lengths (for example, one 24" and one 40"long); one 40" long circular (can be the same as the other 40" long needle), and one 12" or 16" circular needle,  one set of four or five double-pointed needles, and Flexi-Flips needles (if you are taking that session). All needles should be an appropriate size for the yarn

Homework: none

First session include: Two Circular needles, magic loop, and one short circular needle

Second session includes: Double Pointed Needles and the new Flexi-Flips