Managing Those Ends

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Managing Those Ends:
What's the best method for joining in a new ball of yarn? What if the yarn is bulky weight? What if the yarn is lace-weight and your stitching is open and airy? What if the yarn is linen? Or silk? What exactly does "weave in ends" mean? And what's the best way to weave in ends? After this class, you will be able to handle all of these common knitting quandaries with ease. $45
Materials to bring:
  • Scraps of thick, bulky yarn and appropriate needles.
  • Scraps of thin, lace-weight yarn and size US7 needles.
  • Scraps of linen, cotton, or any yarn comprised of a blend of plant-based fibers, and appropriate needles.
  • Darning needle.
  • Scissors.