Skein Winding

Skein Winding

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Want to get started right away? Don't have a swift and winder? We can do that for you. Because of the time it takes and the wear and tear to our equipment we are charging a nominal fee to help offset those costs. 

Option 1: Yarn you order from us can be wound for you, before you pick up or ship. Under the quantity tab, please indicate how many skeins you would like wound. If you only select 1, then we will wind 1. If you have purchased yarn from us but taken it home, select this option, upon checkout select curbside pickup with a time we can expect you to receive the yarn. 

Option 2: Yarn purchased from other stores can be brought to us and wound while you wait outside, or while you run an errand. 

Please note that Yarn purchased from us and wound cannot be returned or refunded.