Community Grows (yeah, let’s rhyme it) Like Knitted Rows

It has been a long year and a half.  2020 was hard on so many levels, because of Covid, and despite it. I know too many stories of hardship in 2020, in my own family, and in families across our communities.  And so far, 2021 has seemed a lot like learning to drive a standard transmission: As soon as you feel like you’ve got it, you pop the clutch and stall out. 

But you know we’re here, right?  You know your friends are so happy to see you and talk with you and hang out with you and listen to what’s going on with you. 


Ray, Leti, and Rebekah are ready to welcome you to Avenue!


Avenue Yarns has been open five days a week for a while now.  We have started Knit Togethers, Knit Labs, and even some Knitting Classes. We’re all masked, and the door is open for extra ventilation.  It feels so good to be together. 


Thursday Knit Night Group (Left to right: Chris, Laurien, Rose, Suzanne, & Christine)


One thing I love about community is the way we seem to be in sync with each other even when no one has planned it.  Last Thursday at Knit Night, I walked into a room full of friends and yarns.  Friends with yarns.  Friends helping Avenue staff process new skeins to put on shelves.  Wait until you see this new yarn!  Sneak peeks below.  The table was filled with so many colors, russets and pinks, greens and yellows, blues and fluffy white.  Then, once the new yarn was processed and put away, there was still a synchronicity of pink!  Even being the all blue in the room, I still felt in harmony,


Chris in her gorgeous pink cardi 

So much wonderful, where can Suzanne start?

Gorgeous New Yarn just for us: Pouffe for Avenue Yarns by Martha Egan


We knitters settled in to crafting and conversation.  I love the mix of topics on nights like these.  Serious conversations about our lives mixed up with queue checks on what’s on that other set of needles.  Or discussions about books we’re reading alongside stories about who might need a call.  All the while we give advice on sizing, stitching, mending.  Two hours flies by, and then we head home complete with many more rows and a community that continues to grow.

Come by.  Check out some of our Thursday evening and Sunday morning Knit Togethers, Knit Labs to help you grow your skills and get that project done, and Classes where you can learn new techniques with experts to guide you. We want to see you.  And what you are working on.



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