Sunny Day Beenie

Using the Brooklyn Tween *free* hat pattern, “Turn a Square,” and your favorite colors from their new Tones line, your imagination can bloom like a rose (Hollyhock Undertone), or glow like a ripe persimmon (Persimmon Overtone).  Stripe it, strand it, or use blocks of contrast colors.  Any way you knit with Tones, you’ve got beauty at your fingertips.

With bright Overtones of both Stonewash and Goldfinch, I realized I had Bruin colors in my hands, and I wanted to knit a beanie for a UCLA student. 


For your own beenie, follow the pattern for “Turn a Square” ribbing and increasing.  I used Stonewash Overtone for both, then knit a few more rows of blue.  To begin the sunny spiral, I started using the method for helical stripes. 

This video tutorial by Jen Arnall-Culliford is my favorite to learn to knit helical stripes.  I also like this video by Purl Soho for helical stripes in more than two colors.  After I got the hang of knitting these jogless single-row stripes, I was able to knit with two rows of blue and one row of yellow. 


Just as I was reaching the decrease rows in the patterns, I shifted to one row of blue and one row of yellow, and then shifted to one row of blue and two rows of yellow.  I wanted the beenie to feel like sunshine in a blue sky!

The finished beenie is at Avenue Yarns with the rainbow of Tones colors for the next couple of weeks, before it goes with Satchi to UCLA.  


Be sure to show us your WIPs and FOs made with Tones.  #Avenueyarns



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