Knit Labs

Knit Labs at Avenue Yarns are a unique way to get just the help and guidance you need with your knit or crochet projects. (The only prerequisite is that you have already been taught to knit.) Best of all, there is a Lab 6 days a week, every week!  

Each Lab is run by a very experienced and talented teacher, used to helping individuals with different requirements in a small group setting.


Tuesday 10AM-NOON, with Faina Goberstein
Wednesday 6-8PM, with Kira K
Thursday 10AM-NOON, with Chiaki Hayashi
Friday and Saturday 10AM-NOON, with Karen Frisa
Sunday NOON-2PM, with Janie Cavalli


  • $15 per lab. Five-Lab Card available for just $60. Card does not expire.
  • Fill two Five-Lab Cards, and bring them in to receive your Knit Lab Bonus: a one-time 25% discount off your entire purchase!
  • $8 per lab for Students and Seniors (over 65)
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