Sammy the Slug and The Blue Streak — Mitts to Match

Hello Friends,

A quick blog post here to show you a little project to got with the School Colors hats that emerged from my adventures with Brooklyn Tweed's new line Tones.  You can see the hat projects both here on the blog, and in person at Avenue.  Just in case you missed it: 

Here's Sunny Day Beenie, in Bruin Blue and Yellow,or BT Overtones, Stonewash and Goldfinch:

And here is a Beenie proudly bespoke for a UC Santa Cruz Sammy the Slug fan, in moodier Undertones of Stonewash and Goldfinch:

Here are the Mitts to March, Sammy and the Blue Streak:

I'll post the patterns separately.

Have a sunny day!



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