In case you couldn't make it ...

In case you couldn't make it ...

In case you couldn't make it ...

We had SO much fun meeting Sheila and Howard Greenwell who stopped by last Saturday to visit the Avenue Yarns community. We admired one another's Di Gilpin Lalland creations and oohed and aahed over the latest Di Gilpin design, Shoowa, which debuted at the Edinburgh Yarn Festival last month. Here are a few snaps of the fun:

Sheila Greenwell and Rebekah!


The new design, Shoowa, center-right on table. Check out Eleni's Lalland WIP: the Voe Vest center-left on table. In the upper left, Howard's jumper is hand-knit (of course) of lots of different yarns.

It's all good. Best wishes to Sheila, Howard, and everyone at Di Gilpin!


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