Hi all! Karen here. Coming to you from New Zealand. Check out a little video of my start of the lovely "Lattice or Braid" by Ririko!

This is my first attempt at making any kind of video. I'll get better at it! More soon.


  • Nancy: May 03, 2021

    Great to hear Karen’s voice. This project looks so interesting. Hope you are all well! Miss seeing you.

  • Felise Acosta: May 03, 2021

    Karen glad you shared your project. I will have to consider. We all miss you. Rebekah doing a great job.

  • Louise Snitz: April 10, 2020

    Thank you for your message from New Zealand, as all of CA goes under the shelter in place mandate.
    I’ve been making little bracelets for my friends, from this pattern on Ravelry (free) Easy. Fast. Eventually I’ll work up to my big cardigan (Milk Stout), but like you say, I have too much on my mind. Love your video!

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