Super Summer Stripe Knit Along!

Let’s be honest: we all covet Rebekah’s aqua and grey, single-row stripe, Boxy sweater, pattern by Joji Locatelli.  It’s gorgeous, and looks so great on her.  (She used MadelineTosh Twist Light in Composition Book Grey, and Aqua from Lil Weasel in Paris).  And I get lots of oos and aahs when I wear my single-row-stripe shawl in Shibui Reed in Shore and Ivory.

So let's plan to make more!  Especially with all the fabulous, colorful new yarn in the shop, we thought it would be fun to have a super loose summer Knit Along that features single-row stripes. 

(Photos above—Life in the Long Grass colors: Plum & Podzolic; and Rain & Ultra)


Projects in single-row stripes — especially when one of the stripe colors is variegated or long-self striping — have a complex-looking texture, which is really very easy to achieve, even when your garment pieces are knit flat. 

(Photos above—Malabrigo Sock in Candombe & Lettuce; Knitted Wit Sport in Unicorn Eggs & Silver Lining — lucky!)


Over the next few weeks we will be posting lots of photos and tips for single-row stripe projects.  And soon we will post a how-to video about how to knit jogless stripes in the round.  That technique is easy, and really helps to make your project look tidy.  We’ll also post another one for single-row stripes knit flat.

(If you are planning ahead for holiday knitted gifts, above are some scrumptiously warm wools. Photos above — Sincere Sheep Cormo Fingering in Sea Star and Be Mine; and Di Gilpin Lalland DK Lambswool in left Silverbirch & Meadowsweet; right Flame & Star)


Here are the easy guidelines for the Super Summer Stripe Knit Along:

  • We’d love it if you buy one of both colors for your stripes at Avenue, and we have great colors and fiber selections to choose from. But if you want to use yarn already in your stash, that’s okay too.  This is also about building community, and if you hear about the Knit Along, you qualify!
  • Select your pattern. You can choose Boxy by Joji, in sock weight or worsted weight, or another pattern.  I’m going to use Clam(ahoi) by Ankestrick that has been in my Ravelry queue since it was released.  There are plenty of round neck or raglan pullover patterns if you would prefer, like Stripes! by Andrea Mowry. We can talk about how to adapt the patterns to single-row stripes.
  • If you would like a shawl project, consider a stripe pattern, like Color Affection by Veera Valimaki.
  • Even smaller? How about socks or mitts?  Helix Basic Socks by Anna Zhuraleva, or for a little more challenge, Petite Fleur by Imawale.  For your hands, you could knit Hyacinthus Arm Warmers by Jen Arnall-Culliford.  Helix Stripe Hat, by Corrie Purdum, would also be great choices.

Let us know what you are knitting, pattern and yarn.  Start a project page on Ravelry if you are on the site.  And show us photos of your progress over the next few months.  We’ll check Instagram to see your progress, or bring it by when the shop is open.  We want to see.

Happy Knitting!


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  • Dee Kraus: June 08, 2021

    I am knitting a single stripe Cappuccino Cowl by Elizabeth Smith and would love to make something more challenging, namely a Boxy like Rebekah’s but in worsted. I’ll be in for help on this challenge soon.

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