Winter is Coming--Yarn Sale!!

     Watching the fog roll across the Bay, Mark Twain quipped that “the coldest winter I ever spent was summer in San Francisco.”  Sure.  We get it.  It often always feels like winter in the East Bay.  But the long-night, nog-sipping, friends-gathering, gift-giving Winter?  That Winter is Coming. So, dear Avenuevians, don't hide—let's celebrate it!

     We think a good ol’ month of yarn sales is in order!  On July 1, we will start the Winter is Coming Sale both in Solano Ave store and on-line at  This sale will feature different yarn types each week, and increasing discounts each week as July rolls by.  So be sure to keep watch for that great deal. 

     Here's a link to the sale yarns

     Shop early each week if you are wanting a sweater quantity of squooshy skeins.  And remember now, while it’s still Summer now, by December we all wish we had an extra week to finish up gifts to wrap each other in yarny love.

     Here’s the schedule:

July 1-10 : Summer Yarns (a long week to start)

July 11-17: Kid-Friendly Yarns

July 18-24: Luxury Yarns

July 25-31: Wool Blends


     And here’s how discounts will roll:

Sundays through Thursdays: select yarns will be 50% off

Fridays: Featured yarns will be 55% off

Saturdays: Featured yarns will be 60% off, oh yeah!



Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Dmitry Ratushny on Unsplash

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