WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday

Welcome to the Avenue Blog's very first WIP Wednesday. (WIP = work in progress.) Every Wednesday, we'll show you some of the crafting shenanigans we are getting up to around here.

This week, it's all knitting all the time, and Emanuela wins, having two projects in her bag today:


Eleni brought her half of the A Study in Stripes blanket that she and Emanuela are collaborating on. (Actually, Emanuela has her half in her bag today too!) The pattern will be available soon, and the yarn they are using is Neve by Juniper Moon.

Rebekah is working on a gorgeous cardigan in one of our favorite yarns, Canopy Fingering, from The Fibre Co.

And Karen is working on (amongst SO many projects!) the iconic project of Shetland Wool Week 2017.

There is sort of a color theme going on here ....

Next Wednesday, look for WIPs from Jody and Ray!


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