Rosanna Diggs Embroidery Kit

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Rosanna Diggs Embroidery is all about sharing the relaxing art of hand embroidery through our line of cheerful, modern embroidery kits. All our kits are designed and assembled in our studio in Alameda, California.

We create high-quality, complete embroidery kits featuring tropical designs, natural landscapes, and botanical influence, conveying the beauty of nature through bold fabrics and bright floss colors.

Our goal as a business is to help others find their own creativity, joy, and enthusiasm for the relaxing art of embroidery. We want you to get started on your embroidery adventure with the finest supplies in your kit so you can enjoy the process from the beginning. We equip you with all the right tools to inspire creativity and encourage you to Keep Going with an enjoyable, portable project.

Our designs are deeply influenced by our adventures outside and we want to honor our environment by being as eco-friendly as possible. Our kits are packaged in reusable muslin bags, eliminating any plastic packaging. They were designed to be lightweight and compact for easy shipping, further reducing our carbon footprint


- quality 4” wooden hoop
- linen blend fabric
- plenty of precut lengths of DMC embroidery floss
- needle
- water soluble (blue) pen
- pattern
- easy to follow guide with color pictures
- felt for backing
All this comes in a project bag to keep everything together (that also means minimal packaging)!