Big Coffee Mugs

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We are thinking that, in the world of making and pottery, the only thing cooler than Charan Sachar's work, might be the artist himself.

Charan's individually handmade pottery pieces are inspired by living in India, Bollywood movies, and the gorgeous bridal party garments created in his mother's boutique. The colors, fabrics, embroidery and designs continue to inspire his work. Charan says: "Pottery has given me the much needed respite from the monotony of everyday life. Working with clay and giving it form feels as satisfying as organizing and bringing peace to all the chaos that is there around you. My goal is to continue to work with this medium to create art work which is cherished for life."

Be sure to check out all the information about Charan's unique process at His attention to both design detail and functional detail reveal the heart and soul of the artist we admire so much.

These handmade Big Coffee Mugs by Charan Sachar are 4.75" tall and 3.5" in diameter. They hold approximately 16 ounces of your favorite beverage. Dishwasher safe!