Daruma Sashiko Needles

Daruma Sashiko Needles

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Made by DARUMA, each set includes four sizes of Sashiko needles and a needle threader. Suitable for fine and thick Sashiko threads. 

made in Japan

made of steel wire

Original Set Includes:
 diameter 0.84mm, length 51.5mm
・ diameter 0.99mm length 44.5mm
・ diameter 0.84mm length 41.3mm
・ diameter 0.84mm length 33.3mm
・ needle threader

Long Type Set Includes 3 needles and 1 needle threader:
・ diameter 0.97mm, length 66.7mm
・ diameter 0.97mm, length 60mm
・ diameter 0.97mm, length 54mm
・ needle threader