Yuzen Leather Tape Measure

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The loving care that goes into the creation of this "everyday" tool honors the handwork of all who touch it. 

First, each tape measure is made by a company that has specialized in the manufacturing and development of measuring tools since 1906 in Odawara, Kanagawa Prefecture. The "tape" is made of high quality fiberglass that does not stretch or contract, ensuring accurate measurement.

Then, the talented craftspeople at Cohana sew the supple leather covers by hand ... and add the hand-tied tassle. The leather used is "Yuzen" leather, referring to a traditional Japanese method of dyeing and embellishing leather created by Mr. Takeguchi, a craftsman in Ikuno-ku, Osaka.

Perfect for hand-stitchers of all kinds.

(Note: The color names associated with the tape measures are loosely attributed. We advise making your color choice by viewing the individual photos, not by reading a color name!)